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Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides) Limited is the world leading manufacturer of licensed and premium coin operated kiddie rides. Since 1988, Jolly Roger has built its leadership position and reputation for quality by incorporating innovative design.

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cofton camper
Benefits of operating a Jolly Roger Kiddie Ride
Kiddie rides form part of the leisure mix offered by retail and can help you generate more revenue. Our rides encourage parents with young children into retail environments and increase dwell time which leads Read more
Ezee Swap Bee Platform
Intergame Magazine introduces Ezee Swap
The Ezee Swap is a video simulator platform with interchangeable rides. Operators can swap their chosen rides and place them on the platform to suit their environment. Click Read more
Ezee Swap Bee Platform
Launch of Ezee Swap – A simulator video platform with multiple rides
Jolly Roger are pleased to announce the launch this week of the brand new Ezee Swap ride at the IAAPA Exhibition in Orlando, USA . This new concept will revolutionize the way in which ride amusement companies Read more