Launch of Ezee Swap – A simulator video platform with multiple rides

Jolly Roger are pleased to announce the launch this week of the brand new Ezee Swap ride at the IAAPA Exhibition in Orlando, USA . This new concept will revolutionize the way in which ride amusement companies are operating children’s rides.

The Ezee Swap is a video simulator platform with interchangeable rides. Operators can swap their chosen rides and place them on the platform to suit their environment.

The simulator is made from durable self-coloured GRP.

This exciting coin operated simulator ride is aimed at the 3 – 7 age range and each ride option offers 4 selectable on screen tracks creating a thrilling experience that the child will want to repeat again and again. Videos are easily swapped when changing the ride by inserting a flash card and dongle.

The Ezee Swap simulator is fitted with a 22” TFT display which is featured on the inside of the platform.

The Ezee Swap ride moves in a rocking and side to side motion following the on screen footage. The ride is fully automatic, features pushable buttons and playful sound effects.

The simulator platform ride is available in a variety of colours and can be customised to display company logos. The platform ride can be fitted with detachable rides which are easily changed on site. There is a wide selection of themed rides including a Bumble Bee, Racing Car and Propeller Plane which feature a steering wheel or grab handle.

All of the Photo-Me children’s rides conform to the relevant safety standards and Photo-Me is a member of the British Amusement Catering Trades Association (BACTA) and the Amusement Devices Inspection Procedure System (ADIPS). Safety is also a major concern during the survey and installation process.

Installing a Photo-Me Kiddie Ride provides substantial revenue at no additional cost. Our rides encourage parents with young children into retail environments and therefore increase shopper footfall. Rides can also help reduce the stress of shopping with young children. By creating a child friendly environment, parents are more likely to stay longer at retail as they combine shopping and entertainment. A ride can also help to increase sales of associated merchandise within the store. This ride will be a colourful addition to any retail environment and will keep your customers coming back!