Benefits of operating a Jolly Roger Kiddie Ride

Kiddie rides form part of the leisure mix offered by retail and can help you generate more revenue. Our rides encourage parents with young children into retail environments and increase dwell time which leads to additional spend. A licensed ride can also help to increase sales of associated merchandise such as toys, books and DVDs. A ride helps to relax parents who are frequently stressed when shopping with young children – and a relaxed parent is more likely to spend!


Jolly Roger recognises that safety is paramount in today’s retail environment. All of the Jolly Roger children’s rides conform to the relevant safety standards. Jolly Roger is a member of the British Amusement Catering Trades Association (BACTA) and the Amusement Devices Inspection Procedure System (ADIPS).

Jolly Roger also recognises that in order to maximise revenue it is essential to offer a mix of rides that will appeal to the widest range of children. This could mean the latest licensed cartoon character rides, educational interactive rides, photo rides or cutting edge rides with TFT video screens and interactive ride motion.


All our children’s rides are hand-crafted to order and can be customised to meet your requirements. The colours can be changed and rides can be branded to compliment your premises. We can also manufacture new rides based on your concepts.

We recently personalised a Camper Van for Cofton Country Holidays Ltd. Chris from the holiday park says;

‘I was looking for a ride that was in-keeping with the theme of the park, we already had a tractor from Jolly Roger which was re-furbished and to a very high standard. When Liz showed the Camper to me at the exhibition, I knew this would fit in well at the park as the kids are on holiday… I didn’t expect to be able to choose the colour let alone be able to completely design the camper to our brand specification. Our in-house Graphic Designers really enjoyed working on the template. Although this service was offered we thought we it would be easier if we handled the design. Given the quality of the refurb ride we had previously I had the confidence to buy a new ride designed to my specification. The kids love playing on the camper as the touch screen adds massive play value to the ride. The ‘Cofton Camper’ now takes pride of place in our foyer.’

cofton camper

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Jolly Roger (Amusement Rides) Limited is the world’s leading manufacturer of licensed and premium coin operated kiddie rides. Since 1988, Jolly Roger has built its leadership position and reputation for quality by incorporating innovative design.

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