Introducing our latest interactive kiddie ride, The Spydero!

The latest cutting edge innovation in interactive kiddie rides!

An interactive sports car kiddie ride
Photo-Me and Jolly Roger Amusement rides are pleased to introduce their latest cutting edge innovation in interactive kiddie rides. This new creation from the world leader in amusement rides is an interactive two seater children’s ride aimed at the 3 to 7 age group.


Fitted with multiple LED flashing lights and a realistic engine sound, this sports car will attract young customers thanks to its eye-catching and vibrant design. The sound of this luxury sports car revving its engine makes children feel more excited.

Interactive play
Each rider has a foot pedal which when pressed, triggers the roar of the sports car’s engine. The ride is also fitted with two flashing buttons for additional in-car sounds.

Durable glossy material
The ride is manufactured in a durable gelcoat which provides a high quality glossy finish. The ride is available in a range of standard colours but specific colours or bespoke customisations could be offered subject to additional costs.

The ride can be fitted with either a mechanical or electronic coin acceptor and set up to take most worldwide currencies.

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