Introducing our latest creation, The Vending Wagon!

The Vending Wagon is the latest innovative creation from Jolly Roger.


3 Seater Ride

The Vending Wagon can seat up 3 children, allowing friends to play together. The ride features a gentle rocking motion, LED lights and flashing buttons and is aimed at the 3-7 age group.

Bright and Colourful Material

The ride is manufactured in a durable gel coat which provides a high quality glossy finish. The ride is available in a range of standard colours but specific colours or bespoke customisations could be offered subject to additional costs.

Vending Options

The ride gives you the option of ‘ride only’ or ‘ride with vend’. The ride takes up to 65mm capsules or balls and has the option of a point of sale advertising board for the roof.

Benefits to the site owner
Installing a Photo-Me Kiddie Ride provides substantial revenue at no additional cost. Our rides encourage parents with young children into retail environments and therefore
increase shopper footfall.

Rides can also help reduce the stress of shopping with young children. By creating a child friendly environment, parents are more likely to stay longer at retail as they combine shopping and entertainment.

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