We are the world’s leading manufacturer of licensed and premium coin operated kiddie rides that has built a reputation for quality and innovative design…

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Jolly Roger will be exhibiting at the IAAPA Expo in Orlando 19th till 22nd of November 2019. In the exhibit, we will be showing off our brand new rides, hand made in Britain.

Our Latest NEW RIDES


Minions, to the Lab!

This colourful two seater ride is a new high earning ride that vends balls and capsules with options to offer a ride only, or a combination of ride with a toy!

Octonauts, to the rescue!

The Jolly Town Tow Truck is a small foot-print one seater ride which features a steering wheel, sound effect button and a gentle rocking motion.

Playtime with Bing!

The Jolly Town range is a quality made economy range of kiddy rides which are manufactured in self coloured fibreglass to ensure a durable finish.

Our Latest Used RIDES

Troy The Tractor

Troy The Tractor will give your lovely little customers acres of fun! The ride features authentic sound effects and there are buttons to press and a steering wheel to turn.

Hanks Hot Dog Van

This colourful kiddie ride has two seats, allowing children to have fun and play together. This ride features a rolling road display, and7 sound effect buttons.

City Fun Bus

This colourful three seater coin operated children’s ride features a steering wheel, sound effect buttons and a rocking motion to keep children entertained

Our Latest Used RIDES